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Raspberry Cookies

German: Brabanter

  1. Exquisitely delicious!

  2. Mix flour, salt, baking soda, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, ground almonds and lemon peel
  3. Add chilled butter shavings and eggs
  4. Straightaway, knead to a smooth dough
  5. Wrap in plastic wrap and everything goes into the refrigerator (for 30 minutes)

  6. Preheat the oven, 350F (325F fan assisted)
  7. Line baking sheet with baking paper
  8. Flour work surface
  9. Roll out dough thinly
  10. Cut out 1.5 inch circles
  11. Bake on middle shelf for 10 - 12 minutes until very lightly golden
  12. Remove cookies on baking paper from baking sheets

  13. Set aside a TS of raspberry jam for every 50 cookies for the topping/icing and mix the remaining jam with the raspberry schnaps
  14. Spread jam mixture on the bottom of the cookies
  15. Join two cookies together (with the jam in the middle)
  16. Mix powdered sugar with lukewarm milk and remaining raspberry jam to create a thick liquid
  17. Add a drop of food coloring (recommendation: red, for a pale pink mixture)
  18. Spread mixture on cookies

  19. Mix powdered sugar with lemon juice to create a thick paste
  20. Put paste in freezer bags, make a small hole in the bag as a nozzle
  21. Decorate the pink cookies with the white paste, try waves and add silver sprinkles if you like
  22. Leave cookies to set
  23. Store in a tin and enjoy after 3 weeks


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Exquisitely delicious

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  • for Kekse
  • g flour
  • oz flour
  • g powdered sugar
  • oz powdered sugar
  • Pk vanilla sugar
  • oz vanilla sugar
  • egg white
  • egg white
  • egg yolk
  • egg yolk
  • g butter
  • oz butter
  • ml milk
  • tsp milk
  • g almond (powdered)
  • oz almond (powdered)
  • g salt
  • oz salt
  • g raspberry jam
  • oz raspberry jam
  • ml raspberry schnaps
  • tsp raspberry schnaps
  • ml lemon juice
  • oz lemon juice
  • g lemon peel
  • oz lemon peel
  • g baking powder
  • oz baking powder
  • Tropfen food coloring
  • drip food coloring
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Cut out 1.5 inch circles 
Bake on for 10 - 12 minutes until very lightly golden

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